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Before the First Cup - Virus Life-Cycle, Gene Edits, Phages in Humans & Food BioControl 5-11-2018
Before the First Cup - Germ Warfare, Insect Vectors, Gene Edits, P3, Raining Viruses & Phages 5-9-18 -

What Is Lyme Disease? New Findings Deepen the Mystery - -

Fort Detrick: From Biowarfare To Biodefense -

Bacteriophage -

Virus Infections and Hosts -

The Differences Between Lytic and Lysogenic Cycle -

Bacteriophages in autoimmune disease and other inflammatory conditions -

DNA Viruses -

LAB 257- Plum Island -

7 Facts About Bacteriophages -

Bacteriophages and biotechnology: vaccines, gene therapy and antibacterials -

Phage protein-targeted cancer nanomedicines -

Genetic engineering of a temperate phage-based delivery system for CRISPR/Cas9 antimicrobials against Staphylococcus -

Adenoviral vector delivery of RNA-guided CRISPR/Cas9 nuclease complexes induces targeted mutagenesis in a diverse array of human cells -

Genetic Research at Ft. Detrick Raises Few Hackles in Frederick -

Phages in the Human Body -

Bacterial viruses found to interact with human cells, study finds -

Bacteriophages in Human Disease: Friends and Foes -

Bacteriophage-based weapons for the war against foodborne pathogens (Scroll down) -

Bacteriophage Applications for Food Production and Processing -

Phage 'cocktail' wipes out 99 percent of E. coli in meat, spinach -,-spinach.html

Bacteriophage cocktail significantly reduces Escherichia coli O157 -

Genetically Engineered Phages: a Review of Advances over the Last Decade -

BRED: a simple and powerful tool for constructing mutant and recombinant bacteriophage genomes -

‘Nanobot’ viruses tag and round up bacteria in food and water -

Toward self-assembly of phage-like nanorobot -

Do you speak virus? Phages caught sending chemical messages -

Before the First Cup Twitter -

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