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Before the First Cup - Gadolinium, MRI, Brain & Broken Healthcare 2-23-2018
Before the First Cup - Stem Cells, Chimeras, Drone's Nose, BioComputers, Logic Gates & DNA 2-21-18 -

Darpa Wants to Build an Image Search Engine out of DNA -

Biological Computers -Their Mechanism & Applications -

Scientists Built a Biological Computer Inside a Cell -

Bio coding language makes it easier to hack living cells -

Living Cell Circuits Could Regrow Organs and Produce Biofuels -

A DNA hard drive has been built that can store data for 1 MILLION years -

Inching closer to a DNA-based file system -

Graphene shown to safely interact with neurons in the brain -

This Amazing Computer Chip Is Made of Live Brain Cells -

Gadolinium -

FDA Panel Calls for Warning Labels on Gadolinium -

Gadolinium deposition ignoring the blood-brain barrier, according to study -

Gadolinium: The MRI Agent Linked to Brain Abnormalities -

NVIDIA's AI will help GE speed up medical image processing -

Is the eye the window to the brain? How gadolinium is changing the field of cerebrovascular imaging -

Noninvasive Optical Sensors Provide Real-Time Brain Monitoring After Stroke -

Tissue paper sensors show promise for health care, entertainment, robotics -

Before the First Cup Twitter -

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