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Before the First Cup - Brain Flu, EEG Faces, Smellovision, AI Eyes & IoT 2-28-2018
Before the First Cup - Gadolinium, MRI, Brain & Broken Healthcare 2-23-2018 -

Flu May Impact Brain Health -

The State of 5G: When It's Coming, How Fast It Will Be & The Sci-Fi Future It Will Enable -

Adenoviral vector delivery of RNA-guided CRISPR/Cas9 nuclease complexes induces targeted mutagenesis in a diverse array of human cells -

Viruses—lots of them—are falling from the sky -

‘Mind Reading’ Algorithm Uses EEG Data to Reconstruct Images Based on What We Perceive -

The push to create a $30 portable brain recorder -

Brain-Sensing Shades Could Help Relieve Your Stress -,news-24275.html

5G Wireless Communications Systems: Heterogeneous Network Architecture and Design for Small Cells, D2D Communications (Low Range, Multi-hop) and Wearable Healthcare System on chip (ECG, EEG) for 5G Wireless -

Berkshire-Amazon-JPMorgan healthcare venture more than just pricing power -

This Amazing Computer Chip Is Made of Live Brain Cells -

Brain can navigate based solely on smells -

'Memtransistor' brings world closer to brain-like computing -

Amazon Has Designs On A.I. Chips -

The Sublime and Scary Future of Cameras With A.I. Brains -

New research creates a computer chip that emulates human cognition -

Making AI More Secret Could Prevent Us From Making It Better -

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, watching almost all modern-day human behaviors -

Before the First Cup Twitter -

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