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Before the First Cup - Stem Cells, Chimeras, Drone's Nose, BioComputers, Logic Gates & DNA 2-21-18
Before the First Cup - Biological vs Digital, Brains, Amazon Medical & Forever IoT Secrets 2-16-2018 -

Trump joins Bezos, Dimon and Buffett by pledging to stop soaring drug prices -

Amazon is in exploratory talks with generic-drug makers -

Amazon is building up its medical supplies business — Fitbit acquisition expands healthcare footprint — Scientists use nanobots to treat cancer -

Startup Wants to Connect Thousands of 3D-printers -

Human sequencing pioneer George Church wants to give you the power to sell your DNA on the blockchain -

Before the First Cup - Clones, Neural Dust, DARPA & Brain Surveillance in School (Encore) 2-20-2018 -

FDA Approves Cloned Meat for Consumption -

Flashback: USDA ‘Doesn’t Know’ if You Are Eating Cloned Meat -

Near the campus cow pasture, a scientist works to grow human organs — in pigs -

Tiny human brain organoids implanted into rodents, triggering ethical concerns -

3-D printing of living cells -

This Amazing Computer Chip Is Made of Live Brain Cells -

Koniku Kore fuses live neurons with a silicon chip to sniff out bombs -

Artificial neurons compute faster than the human brain -

Bomb-ble bees: Insects to sniff out explosives -

Scientists train honeybees to detect explosives -


FDA Says Eat Gulf Seafood; Some Doubt Smell Test -

Darpa Wants to Build an Image Search Engine out of DNA -

Biological Computers -Their Mechanism & Applications -

Scientists Built a Biological Computer Inside a Cell -

Bio coding language makes it easier to hack living cells -

Living Cell Circuits Could Regrow Organs and Produce Biofuels -

A DNA hard drive has been built that can store data for 1 MILLION years -

Inching closer to a DNA-based file system -

How DNA could store all the world’s data in a semi-trailer -

Graphene shown to safely interact with neurons in the brain -

Before the First Cup Twitter -

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