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Before the First Cup - BioControl, Nano Sensors, AI, DARPA, Brains & Mind Driving 3-28-18
Before the First Cup - Nanotech, Mining, Al Gore, BioControl, Walmart Robobees & Camille 3-23-18 -

Control Systems and Biology -

Shell to use HP CeNSE for clearer picture of oil and gas reservoirs: the goal of HP Labs Central Nervous System for the Earth, or CeNSE. The research and development program aims to build a planetwide sensing network using billions of tiny, cheap sensitive detectors.-

It's a Small, Small World -

Small but fast: a miniaturized origami-inspired robot combines micrometer precision with high speed -

DNA origami as a novel avenue for creating next-generation optical voltage sensing nanodevices -

These DNA 'Nanobots' Could Help Kill Cancer By Choking Off Its Life Blood -

Structural DNA Nanotechnology Poster -

BRAIN Initiative -

Dissecting artificial intelligence to better understand the human brain -

Robotics Reimagined: NVIDIA Releases Isaac SDK to Accelerate Creating Autonomous Machines -


Tiny human brain organoids implanted into rodents, triggering ethical concerns -

Drug testing could get a boost from MIT’s ‘body on a chip’ -

'Body on a chip' may help drug evaluation by replicating multiple organs -

Alzheimer’s memories could be switched back on with implant -

3-DIY: Printing your own bioprinter -

Human sequencing pioneer George Church wants to give you the power to sell your DNA on the blockchain -

Startup Wants to Connect Thousands of 3D-printers in a Blockchain-based Network Hub -

British scientists develop wearable MRI scanner -

A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is “100 percent fatal” -

Blockchain Thinking : The Brain as a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation -

Before the First Cup - Military Industrial Complex, Space & Suspended Animation (Encore) 3-26-2018 -

Emotiv's Headset Reads Your Brain and Lets You Control Drones With Your Mind -

Facebook is working on a way to let you type with your brain -

A smart car that can read brain signals -

Before the First Cup Twitter -

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