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Before the First Cup- Our New Reality & Rise of the 'Machine' in a Twilight Zone (Encore) 3-29-2018
Originally aired: Before the First Cup - Our New Reality & the Rise of the 'Machine' in the Twilight Zone 3-13-2017 -

The Twilight Zone ~ "To Serve Man" Full Episode -

We Want Artificial Intelligence to Help You, Not Replace You -

IBM Watson for Oncology -


AI Lawyer “Ross” Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm -

How to Upgrade Judges with Machine Learning -

The Robots Are Coming for Wall Street -

Robots are already replacing fast-food workers -

The machine learning in Word's new Editor is scarily good -

First home brain implant lets ‘locked-in’ woman communicate -

Public Opinion Survey on the Future Use of Brain Implants -

Legions of nanorobots target cancerous tumors with precision -

Shape-Shifting Vaccines Wanted for Killer Viruses -

DRM for the human genome? -

Project Bioshield Act -

Protection Without a Vaccine -

DARPA Enlists Insects to Protect Agricultural Food Supply -

Lawrence Livermore and IBM collaborate to build supercomputer -

HAARP cached doc -

How Smart Dust Could Spy On Your Brain -

Implantable “Neural Dust” Enables Precise Wireless Recording -

Meet ‘Mayhem,’ the Computer Bug-Hunting Machine -

DARPA: Nobody's safe on the Internet -

DARPA bot Mayhem deploys to seek flaws, shut out botnets -

Watch TV Shirt -

Skynet Shirt -

IBM Turned an Atom Into the World's Smallest Hard Drive -

Single Gram of DNA Contains a Gift Card, a Virus and a Movie -

Holmium -

IBM’s Role in the Holocaust — What the New Documents Reveal -

Robot kill switches & legal status -

Self-Replicating Computer That "Grows as It Computes" -

Musk Is Preparing to Release “Brain Hacking Tech” -

The Obsolete Man -

Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us -

X & Y: Two New Letters for the DNA Alphabet -

IBM quantum computing tackles problems -

IBM Is Developing a Super Molecule to Destroy All Viruses -

Organic Whole Elder European Berries -

Warning: Your New Digital World Is Highly Addictive -

Before the First Cup Twitter -
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