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Before the First Cup -WiFi, 5G, mmW, Brains, Kids, Gadgets, Dopamine & the Machine (Encore)
Interscatter communication -

Why We're All Addicted to Texts, Twitter and Google -

MIT researchers used Wi-Fi to recognize people through walls -

Inside Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit -

NSA21: NSA in the 21st Century -

Scientists Can Use WiFi To Read Your Emotions -

The real life R2D2 -

What's going on at SkyBender test site? -

Google's secretive 5G internet drone tests revealed -

How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA -

Paper: DNA Breathing Dynamics in the Presence of a Terahertz Field -

Will Millimeter Waves Maximize 5G Wireless? -

Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away -

Speedy terahertz-based system could detect explosives -

Millimeter-Wave Systems Track Biometrics; Detect Chemicals,
Gases and Radiation -

Children & EMF Exposure -

It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies -

Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain -

Headphones that get you high on dopamine are tipped to go on sale next month-

Psychopaths’ brains wired to seek rewards, no matter the consequences -

Brain chemical is reward for psychopathic traits -

Brains of Excessive Gamers Similar to Addicts -

Screenagers -

Interscatter communication WiFi Brain Implant -

Parkinson's Drugs Linked to Sex and Gambling Addictions -

Dopamine impacts your willingness to work -

The Century of the Self (Full Documentary) - Bernays -


The 21st Century Cures Act: A huge handout to the drug industry -

Mental health: On the spectrum -

Swarms of Nanorobots to Precisely Target Cancer Cells -

DARPA, PTSD & Dopamine -

Is Mental Health Declining in the U.S.? -

Before the First Cup Twitter -

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