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Before the First Cup - Ft. Detrick, Germs, DARPA, Harvard, MIT, Gene & Organoid Engineering 4-27-18
Before the First Cup - Levis, DNA, Earth BioGenome, Blockchain ID, i-motif & BioWarfare 4-25-2018 -

Genetic Research at Ft. Detrick Raises Few Hackles in Frederick -

Scientists just discovered a strange new DNA shape lurking in human cells -

Fort Detrick: From Biowarfare To Biodefense -

THE BIOLOGY OF DOOM: America's Secret Germ Warfare Project -

Merck’s President Led A Biological Warfare Program Against Americans -

Dr. Don Huber CV -

Researchers Turn Mosquitoes Into Flying Vaccinators -

Entomological warfare -

Top U.S. Intelligence Official Calls Gene Editing a WMD Threat -

United States biological weapons program -

Unit 731: Japan discloses details of notorious chemical warfare division -

Pentagon Lab Worries About CRISPR Bioattack As China Seeks Genome Lead -

Building the Safe Genes Toolkit -

Why DARPA Is Investing Big in Gene Drives -

Bill Gates Doubles His Bet on Wiping Out Mosquitoes with Gene Editing -

Off-target Effects in CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Genome Engineering -

Ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening -

Lipid nanoparticle-mediated efficient delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 for tumor therapy -

Laboratory Automation – Robots for Life Scientists -

Wyss Institute Awarded $3.7 Million from DARPA to Develop Genetic Security System -

Reprogramming gut bacteria as “living therapeutics” -

DARPA Gives MIT Lab $32 Million To Program Living Cells -

DARPA Investing $32M Into DNA Manufacturing: Super Soldiers On The Way? -


The ethics of experimenting with human brain tissue -

Stem cells from adults function as well as those from embryos -

Allen Institute shares first open database of live human brain cells -

US bid to grow human organs for transplant inside pigs -

What's Wrong With Growing Blobs of Brain Tissue? -

The boom in mini stomachs, brains, breasts, kidneys and more -

'Brain-on-a-chip' to test effects of biological and chemical agents, develop countermeasures -

Before the First Cup Twitter -

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